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On the beach – I believe the simple look of this image works well with the line of posts leading into the sea, alongside the lady walking her dog, in an otherwise empty scene.

After a week of cloudy dull skies, Tuesday was reasonably sunny, so I took full advantage and jumped on a train to Walton-on-the-Naze. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day!


Under the pier; I particularly like how the old broken stumps look as though they are leading you to the water.




Naze Tower – in this image I like how the brickwork contrasts to  the sky behind it; and felt this was shown best in black and white.



The Naze Tower is an historic 86ft landmark and unique visitor attraction situated on an attractive stretch of coastline at Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex. Over eight floors it houses an art gallery with three exhibitions a year, a museum on the Tower and Naze, tea rooms and a roof viewing platform with spectacular panoramic views. The best way to experience the Tower is to visit’





Starting a project?

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So after spending most of yesterday with my new camera I have to say I’m very impressed! The thing that strikes me the most is that compared to my old Pentax it’s so quiet!  Well, I say the camera is quiet, I know it’s down to the Silent Wave Motor in the 50mm lens, but still, it’s whisper quiet!

Commute (1 of 1).jpg



I think that this was my favourite image of the day and it got me thinking about starting a photo project. I was thinking about maybe doing a black and white series covering commuters? I realise it’s not the most interesting subject in the world but I figure you have to start somewhere and also it will push me to make it more interesting.

So I was wondering what people think? How I should go about it, any tips for doing something like this, etc. any help would be greatly appreciated!

New Camera

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So today I made the switch from Pentax to Nikon!

I used to have a Pentax K-50, with the standard kit lense(18-55) and a 35mm lense. The 35mm was what I used pretty much exclusively after purchasing and whilst I loved my first DSLR I figured an upgrade was in order. After about 3 days of research I opted for the Nikon D7200 with the 50mm f/1.8.



New Gear!


I’m super excited to get out there and try it, however, I’m currently stuck in doors on this awesome sunny day waiting for a delivery! The. Worst.

Once I do however, expect some new images and maybe another blog post?